Is Your WordPress Blog Doing You Wrong? The Telltale Signs

I love WordPress Blogs and recommend them to my clients. However, many people are unaware there is more than one way to set up their blog. One of those ways is simply WRONG! from a web traffic and SEO point of view.

WordPress Blog Website
Pilar Zuniga, owner of Gorgeous & Green in Berkeley, CA

Recently a young business woman asked me how to draw more traffic to her green wedding, floral & gift shop website. I did a little analysis and saw that though her blogging energy was connecting with people who want to read about wedding flowers, it was also being wasted.

Pilar’s blog for Gorgeous & Green was successfully pulling in 100 visitors a day, but it was not connected to her website and not building traffic for her website.

Here’s where the blog was:

Note the “” in the .url. When a blog is set up this way, all your SEO and traffic building efforts are helping WordPress, not your business website.

Here’s the updated blog:

Notice that the new blog address includes the Gorgeous & Green Events domain name & /blog/. This is how you want to set the blog to drive traffic and new visitors to your small business WordPress Blog & WordPress Website. This is the WordPress software version and it’s free. Your web person can help you set it up.

What about the 100 daily visits to the blog?

I know, I know. We don’t want Pilar to lose that traffic so she’s putting up a big note at the top of the previous blog with a link to the new blog. That way her regular visitors can bookmark the new WordPress blog before we take it down.

If you want to learn more about Gorgeous & Green in Berkeley, CA, visit Pilar’s website here:

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