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Custom Site w/ standard WordPress navigation

You’ll be pleased with how easy it is to add pages or rename pages on a WordPress site using the WP Content Management System.

Most successful businesses update their sites frequently. They add landing pages for new online campaigns. They get rid of under-performing services and they add resources and info as they grow like a media page, press releases and on and on. Doing this in .html* requires a programmer.

On a WordPress site you can add delete, move, rename pages yourself. While you may still need a web person for graphics and forms etc. associated with landing pages, you have the power to make significant additions yourself without the time and money it takes to call in your .html programmer.

html WordPress Site
WordPress Site with Standard Navigation

There is one exception. If your WordPress site design is custom, you will need your web person to change the buttons on the main navigation. Having a custom site gives you a richer, graphically interesting site but means it the main navigation can’t be changed in WordPress. Keep in mind you will be able to add sub-pages to the main pages with ease.

However, if the navigation bar isn’t customized as in these two examples, you’ll be able to change the main buttons in house without programming help.

When converting your site from .html* to a WordPress website, this custom vs. non-custom navigation is an important decision to make. The questions to ask yourself is how much of a difference will it make to your site design and how often might you take advantage of the added flexibility to add, rename or delete main navigation buttons.

*Note of clarification: WordPress sites are .html but you don’t need to know .html to edit them. Instead you use the friendly WordPress Content Management System.

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