WordPress Website Design Trends 2014

Website Design Trends 2014Current Website Design Trends 2014 features a bold, colorful look with less text and larger graphics. The text is also larger — huge — so it can be read at a glance. Homepages are typically long and visitors scroll down to see more content options. Most of these trends are tied to the movement toward mobile-friendly web design.

Here some of the features in a nutshell.

  • spacious, minimalists layouts
  • lots of white space
  • bigger buttons, bigger graphics, bigger text
  • longer pages that one scrolls down
  • no or few boxes and/ or open sides for better responsiveness on mobile

Ongoing trends

  • colors trends include bright colors like cobalt, electric blue, orange and chartreuse mixed with blacks, grey and white for high impact, high energy
  • great fonts
  • use of handwritten fonts on consumer-oriented websites for a friendly enticing design look

Here a two sites I’ve admired recently where you can see these design features:

Website Design Trends 2014



http://www.Robin Hood.com


Website Design Trends 2014

We’ve redone our site along these lines. If you’d like to discuss redoing your WordPress website to capture these latest trends, please give me a call at 510-527-9920. The 2014 design trends are gorgeous and practical with their focus on mobile, readability and prominent calls to action.