4 Benefits to WordPress Website & One Not-to-Be-Missed HOW-TO Tip

WordPress Blog Website
Wordpress Blog Websites Have Many Advantages for Small Businesses

(If you are just tuning into this blog, don’t miss the 2 primary reasons to pick a WordPress Website in the previous two articles.)

Some other important reasons, drum roll please.


1.         A WordPress Website is an excellent platform for your social media because it’s easy to add in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.


2.         It can be less expensive and quicker to develop a full-featured WordPress Website because of all the free plugins available. We frequently create websites with rotating photos on the homepage, rotating testimonials or a simple slideshow and more, thanks to plugins.


3.         The design of a WordPress website can be simple or complicated, depending on your needs. If your needs are simple and your budget limited, you can have your designer just customize an available free template for you. Usually that would mean posting your logo and some other artwork. (Expect to pay  like $400-$1000 for this service. The difference in price depends on where you are in the country, how experienced the designer is and how much additional help that web designer will provide ie. SEO, content consulting, content loading etc.)

4. However, a WordPress Website isn’t just for a simple template-like design. We are building nearly all our websites in WordPress and we are finding we can do artsy, or business-like or high impact designs in WordPress. WordPress sites can look the same as any .html site and only once have we decided that .html would be better for a project than WordPress for a design reason. (Our packages for this service are $3000-5000 and include design, search engine optimization, and help planning the navigation & content and much more.)

One Not-to-Be-Missed HOW-TO Tip for a WordPress Website

Non-techies won’t know this. You want to work with a web person to set up your WordPress Website so they can use the WordPress software version and give you a WordPress self-hosted blog. When it’s self hosted it’ll look like www.mycompany.com/blog/

The other option is hosting your blog with WordPress. Those Blogs looks like

Mycompanyblog@wordpress.com. While these blogs are free they won’t help your website’s page rank; they’ll help WordPress’s page rank.

So I hope this makes it clear. When your blog is set up you don’t want it to look like Mycompanyblog@wordpress.com. Let me qualify that. If you are just blogging for fun then this is fine. If you are blogging for business or money, but sure you have a domain set up as www.mycompany.com/blog/.

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