What’s the Lifespan of a Web Site?

As a web designer, I’ve been talking to prospects who want to build a new web site in 2011. In conversation with these business owners one topic that often comes up is what is the lifespan of a web site.

There are many reasons to redo one’s web site. Some common ones are:

  • need to incorporate keywords into the navigation and overall site structure
  • branding, marketing or company focus have changed dramatically so the web site needs to be redone to reflect the new branding etc.
  • need to update the site in-house, so building a new web site with a content management system
  • original navigation is confusing or original design is dissatisfying
  • site looks dated

Sites do start to look dated as our culture cycles through visual design trends. As you know new, new, new is a way to sell more consumer products. That means technology changes, colors change, fashions change, cars change, etc. Or maybe this is just the human way–innovation and change are constant.

After 5 years a web site really does start to look dated. As a web designer, I can tell you that the width of computer monitors has gotten wider and therefore newer sites are also wider than 5 years ago. Fonts and layouts are cleaner and more modern then a few years ago. Overdone design is out. Simple, clean website design with interesting details and typography (fonts) is in. Another current trend is one strong bright colors with other neutral colors.

If your site is older than 5 years and you fear it might be getting out of date, as a trusted colleague for their opinion or give me a call for a professional web designer opinion.

Karen Nierlich
Karen Nierlich

Karen Nierlich is a internet marketing consultant and web copywriter at Full Orbit Web and Marketing. She uses her expert knowledge of web design, information design, marketing, web usability, search engine optimization and keywords to help small businesses find success on the web.

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