Website Updates: Word Press, Contribute Software or Web Designer

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If you are going to do a website update daily, its going to need to be easy and economical.

Here some options:

  • Convert your existing site to a WordPress web site; WordPress has a built in Content Management System (CMS); you login to an admin area and make the changes just like word processing. Our site and most of recent clients sites are built in WordPress. WordPress is also good for adding keywords, photos and videos.
  • Use Contribute Software on your .html site. Again, Contribute is like word processing and will also enable you to change photos on your website. Purchase it for about $200 as an online download from Adobe Macromedia. Call your web designer for a code word once it arrives.
  • Use a web designer, virtual assistant or college student to do your updates. In this case, you give the web designer site access and they make the changes to your site. You email them the changes, they deal with the layout issues.

If your updating needs involve tables or complex information, talk to a web designer about other content management system options.

I urge you to get your site set up so you or your assistant can easily make updates. Otherwise, if you site isn’t getting a weekly, to say nothing of a daily update, Google will start ignoring you and your site will be a the bottom of search results.

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