Do a Frequent Website Update and Add Fresh Content, Improving Your Google Page Rank, 3 of 8

website update
Owner schedules time for a daily website update.

As with on-the-site Search Engine Optimization, doing a frequent website update and adding fresh content to your site are two strategies that are easy to control and increase your credibility with Google. Sites that don’t get updated (probably the majority of websites) grow stale and sit there like dead weight on the Internet.

It seems like just updating your website–logging in and making a few changes might be all it takes to get to the top page of Google for some very local sites. The next step is adding new content to your site on a regular basis either to the main site or to a blog. Generally adding fresh content adds keywords, more words and more pages to your site–all of which are pleasing to Google.

Some businesses find catchy ways to do this. My friend owns an auto body shop and consistently comes up ahead of other area shops. He does this by using Twitter to follow great car blogs and by writing up short case studies on the cars his shop works on. His blog posts are daily, quite short and always include car photos.

Simple huh? Sort of. So many businesses don’t focus on this so if you can update regularly, or assign your staff to update regularly it will improve your performance on Google.

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