Website and Internet Marketing Success 1-2-3, How to Generate Leads from Your Website

In conversation with some colleagues and my coach this week we mapped out what are the essentials a business website needs to master in order to generate leads from their website.

One is generating traffic to the website…if no one is going to your website, there is little chance they are buying from you. What if you had 100 visitors a day or 3000 visitors a month. More importantly, how would you feel if you were getting 3-10 calls a day from your website? Pretty keen?

Two is having “calls to action” on your homepage and website. That means you know what you want visitors to do on your site and you show and tell them where to go and what to do. Any of these calls to action are prominently displayed (probably as a button on your home page) AND on every page of your site.

Examples: Watch This Video, Take This Quiz, Read this How To Article, Call for a Same Day Appointment, Call for an Estimate, Call for a Free Analysis, etc.

Three is collecting leads from the site…having people call OR leave their email to be contacted. ..For example, if they download an article or sign up for a newsletter, ASK their permission to email them with the newsletter (regular or periodic emails from your company.)

I’ll continue to write about this topic in coming months.

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