Web Videos Improve Customer Confidence

Dream Business Coaching Website
Dream Business Coaching Website features a video overview on the homepage and coaching videos visitors can sign up to sample the service.

Marketing Research now shows that adding video to a website improves conversion rates and increases sales. In tests customers using the same site with videos and without videos bought more when the website had videos. Interestingly, even those who did NOT watch the videos were more likely to buy on a site with videos. When tested by different retailers the sales increase varied from 27% to 46%!

Videos on a website increases consumer confident. Having videos may signal to the visitor that you care about the customer experience and have even produced a video to better explain your product, service or organization. Also, people believe or simply do get more info about a product or service from seeing it and not just reading about it. Many visitors may feel that they understand and trust it more when they see the product, service or organization in a video. It makes it more real and concrete to them.

Dream Business Coaching Website Inside Page
Sign ups for videos are on every page.

While this research was performed by and for retailers, I believe it would also improve results for service businesses. Of course, the quality of the video matters as it does for other marketing materials. Just like you wouldn’t put poorly written copy or blurry photos on your site, you’d never put an unedited or poorly lit video on your site.

More about how to get video for your website and upload video to your website in coming blog posts.

Karen Nierlich
Karen Nierlich

Karen Nierlich is Principal and an internet marketing consultant at Full Orbit Web and Marketing. The web design and web development company helps clients embed video, set up a YouTube channel, or consult about the video content for your site.

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