True or False: Contractor Kills it Cold Calling Prospects

general contractor websitesWhat do you think? Would that ever happen? Hope I got your attention with the absurdity of that headline! At our home, we do get cold calls from contractors, but I would never recommend this strategy.

Alternatively, there are 2 marketing approaches that work great for contractors.

First are Keep in Touch strategies I’ll call Referral Marketing.

When you build trust and relationships with the people and clients you know, the result is referrals.

This approach includes building relationships with architects.

I’m not suggesting you do everything listed below. Rather, I’m listing the kinds of marketing that work for the residential contracting industry. Start with one strategy at a time and do it for a few months before adding another.

Referral Marketing strategies include:

newsletter to friends, clients and prospects

cards and postcards to past and current clients

an annual party

home project completion party for neighbors

networking and relationship building with architects

lots of testimonials

high quality photos

modern website

Second are a set of strategies called Attraction Marketing.

These barely existed 5 years ago. These will work better for established and successful residential contractors who have an abundance of top notch photos and lots of testimonials. With this approach you are attracting new business from prospects who don’t know you at all.

Attraction Marketing Strategies:


Houzz articles


postcards to affluent zipcodes

Door knockers in neighborhoods you are working in

lots of testimonials

high quality photos

modern website 

You can try cold calling, but’s it brutal and you won’t have much success. Hiring a contractor is a lot like hiring a financial advisor. For most people their home is their biggest investments. They want to work with someone they know, like and trust, not some dude who calls out of the blue.


General Contractors MarketingKaren Nierlich is co-owner and web marketing consultant at Full Orbit Web and Marketing Services. Call her at 510-527-9920, if you wish to discuss a website or marketing for your high end residential contractor business. You’ll also find several one page articles about marketing for general contractors in this blog. Take a look around.