The Three P’s: Planet, People and Profit.

There are many different ways to define a socially-responsible business. Generally speaking¬† companies that use the term tend to subscribe to what are called the three P’s: Planet, people and profit.

Let’s start with "planet." For most the reference is to the environment and, at the very least, conservation. Few would disagree that conservation is the easiest, and in many ways the most important thing people and businesses can do to preserve the planet’s ecosystems.

By reducing the use of raw materials and recycling anything that can be recycled, there is a dramatic reduction in the use of energy AND other resources. More about this later.

Conservation also adds directly to a company’s bottom line. It’s common sense, really. If you use less gas and electricity, your utility bill will be reduced. This is also true for water use. Anytime you reduce your overhead, your bottom line or profits go up. It’s that simple.

Conservation is truely a win-win for businesses and the planet.

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