“The Compound Effect,” a Success Book I Recommend

The Compound Effect business success bookThe Compound Effect by Darren Hardy is a success book I recommend without reservations.

I’ve probably read over a dozen books about success; this one contains none of the annoying, obtuse, illogical, bizarre parts I’ve had to apologize for in other success books. Hardy’s book contains all the advice you’ll find in other success books…honestly it’s amazing how the advice is so similar book to book. However this book is very concise and easy to read.

The chapters are titled The Compound Effect in Action, Choices, Habits, Momentum, Influences and Acceleration. For me, Habits was the most influential at this time. I’ve had a lot of success scheduling activities into my week and developing routines. I’ve talked about routines making things happen in this blog. I exercise several times a week, have daily family dinners, write 3 blogs (struggle with that a bit) because they are scheduled into my day and week and month. Some high achievers schedule their whole year in advance. I’ve worked with people like that and it’s something Dan Kennedy (motivational author) says he does.

I was inspired to adjust my routines by The Compound Effect. The larger % of my routines are around health and family life. After reading the book, I decided to get up 45 m earlier so I could do my health routine earlier and have an hour for an 8 am work routine before the start of my work day. That hour is for blogging and improving my website traffic. Then I check our bank accounts and the work voice mail and get to work on following up with prospects and then ongoing projects.

I hope you’ll make time to buy a copy of The Compound Effect and read it. If you do, please leave a message here for me and other readers about what you found most helpful for where you are now.


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