Why it’s NEVER TOO SOON to Start Your WordPress Blog

The Blog In this post I’m not going to sell you on the blog. I simply want to remind folks that you don’t have to have a website to have a blog. If your first WordPress website is in development, you could start your blog while your website is in development. Doing so will definitely help your online marketing.

The reasons to start the blog sooner than later is that it’s a long term strategy that in time can generate great traffic. Here’s what makes it a long term strategy.

1. Depending on how competitive you industry is, it’ll take months to build traffic to your WordPress site. Google will start to pay attention to the blog and move you up the search rankings when they see you or your company blogging consistently for a while. How long that takes is an unknown, but typically 4-6 months.

2. You may need time to get the hang of writing the blog on a weekly basis. Who is going to do the writing? Are you or they practiced writers? What makes for good posts? When will those posts get written and posted? It may take some time to get your blog humming along with great content.

Therefore, if you are starting a new company or new WordPress website, I recommend you start your blog as you work on the website. During those weeks you are developing the website, you/your staff can be writing the blog and jump start the process of adding pages, inbound links and subscribers to your blog. When the website is complete your blog will be integrated into the website and bring it’s pages, links and subscribers with it. Voila…if the timing is right, you could have traffic from the get go for your website.

Internet Marketing ConsultantKaren Nierlich is both a regular blogger and co-owner of the web design and development firm Full Orbit Web and Marketing. We recommend blogging to our clients to drive traffic to the website and excel at building Word Press sites with integrated blogs. Or Blogs with integrated Websites:)

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