Why Keyword Research Comes First

Unfortunately, this keyword research is almost always done after the site is built which is helpful but not a powerful as BEFORE the site is built. Keyword research is a process understood by few business people and frankly there are lots of web designers who don’t know how to do it either. Using keyword research … Read more

WordPress Websites, or Blog Websites, Don’t Have to Look Like Blogs

I was walking with a friend yesterday and discussing the look of blogs. I was explaining that we are building lots of Word Press blogs for our small business clients these days because active blogs are excellent for building traffic and the blog has built-in, easy-to-use editing tools for updating the website. However, these sites … Read more

An Effective Website Brings you Leads

With clients I emphasize that websites are  powerful marketing tools and their purpose is to bring you leads. There is a tendency to focus on how a website LOOKS. That’s all well and good, as long as you also focus on what a website DOES.  When planning for an effective website we give equal attention to … Read more