Why Keyword Research Comes First

Unfortunately, this keyword research is almost always done after the site is built which is helpful but not a powerful as BEFORE the site is built. Keyword research is a process understood by few business people and frankly there are lots of web designers who don’t know how to do it either. Using keyword research … Read more

Keywords and Page Rank are the Starting Point

If you try the daily website update experiment, you’ll want to start by checking how you are doing for your favorite keywords. We are optimizing our site for about 25 keyword phrases total…so I’ll look at 3 primary keyword phrases for this experiment. Full Orbit Communication’s primary keywords: web design Berkeley web development Berkeley WordPress … Read more

Keywords are the Way to the Heart and Soul of Google (Part 1)

With each new client I offer a short introduction to the significant, placement and selection of keywords or Keywords 101, if you will. While learning keyword research is akin to learning the tax code…at least in my non-techie mind…a basic understanding can be attained by most any brave business person. Because of the importance of … Read more