How To Build an Effective Website: The New Almost Everything Communications Website

We are very pleased to announce we’ve launched a new clean, modern website for our company. For my clients and readers, I’d like to share how our new site is an example of the advice I give my clients on how to build an effective website. We’ve been building business websites for quite a while … Read more

Call to Action: How to Write an Effective Call to Action – Part 2

1.    Give them the Problem and the Solution Make it explicit and abundantly clear what problems you solve. Here I’m not talking about the button per se but the text on the page. As first step, awaken the the prospects awareness that the problem they have and the problems you solve are the same. (If … Read more

A “Call to Action” is Key to Website Leads

When I first talk to new prospects and clients, one of the first conversations is about their GOALS for their website. ?Is this a business looking to attract new leads and prospects? ?Are they a non-profit looking to educate people about their mission and attract new volunteers or donors? ?Is this a membership site that … Read more

An Effective Website Brings you Leads

With clients I emphasize that websites are  powerful marketing tools and their purpose is to bring you leads. There is a tendency to focus on how a website LOOKS. That’s all well and good, as long as you also focus on what a website DOES.  When planning for an effective website we give equal attention to … Read more