Google Alerts: How to Easily Follow Your Industry Trends on the World Wide Web

Google Alerts is a tool I often mention to clients. It super useful to bloggers and entrepreneurs and great for keeping your finger on the pulse of any topic, person, team, or treads. One of my friends and colleagues is writing a blog on what I’d call a developing story–bed bugs. Bed bugs have been … Read more

What’s Jane Austen Got to Do with Writing a Great Title?

Like many people, Jane Austen is among my favorite writers and I’ve read her books again and again. Recently, I read a blog article on the Hubspot Internet Marketing Blog that combined Jane’s name and a advice about good behavior on social media. I read many but not all the articles in the Hubspot blog … Read more

Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool to Increase Blog Traffic

If you are planning to write a blog or writing a blog now, there is one technique you need to know that will greatly increase blog traffic. Fortunately, the tool is free and easy to use. It will only add a few minutes to your blogging routine. Here’s how it goes: 1.     Pick your … Read more