New Socially Responsible Handmade Jewelry Business:

Blog for Chick Boss Jewelry
Blog for Chick Boss Jewelry

In December I started working on the blog of a brand new socially-responsible business in Emeryville, CA by the name of Chick Boss ( that makes beautiful handmade jewelry and is creating better jobs for Guatemalan women.

First about the handmade jewelry. The unique jewelry is made with Czech glass beads strung into cords or multi-stand bead necklaces. There are also pieces with beautiful glass teardrop pendants or earthy or copper pendants. Interestingly all the pieces have magnets hidden in beads so the pieces can be worn at different lengths or changed in an instant. There are actually more than 300 pieces in a many earthy colors. I absolutely love the colors and beaded strands myself.

Blog post from Chick Boss Blog
Post from Chick Boss Blog

Secondly, the handmade jewelry is being made at home by women in a small village in San Andres, Guatemala. These families were struggling for enough money for food and schooling. Previously, the women were working 12 hour days making fried tortillas, or hauling firewood or selling cut fresh fruit in the street. Now they work 4 hours a day stringing beads and devote their other time to their children and household.

Full Orbit Web and Marketing set up a blog for and we are running their social media campaign: blogging, posting to Facebook and very soon tweeting. I’m thrilled to be working with a business a huge socially-responsible commitment and beautiful unique jewelry. I’m behind this 100%.

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