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Compelling SEO Web Copywriting for your Small or Medium Business

Are you struggling with your Web copy? Perhaps you are busy running your business and don’t have time to learn another skill like how to write great web marketing copy. Maybe you don’t write much or English is your second language.

Imagine having such informative, catchy copy on your site that visitors read and then call you–ready to do business. When you combine compelling web copywriting, a professional website and ongoing marketing, you can turn your website into a virtual marketing machine. Imagine growing your business 25 % or more this year because your website attracts clients to you.

On the other hand, weak copy can sink a website. Once people arrive at your site, they look at the design and start reading. If the copy doesn’t grab them, they go away—fast!

I’m Karen Nierlich. I work with small and medium size businesses who want to attract clients with ease. My clients are experts of all kinds—consultants, advisors, designers, architects, organizers, lawyers, or realtors. I also work with trades’ people like contractors and landscapers.

How I work. Using a focused interview, I can write complete copy that establishes your credibility, including:

* writing a persuasive home page

* providing keyword research and optimizing your web copy and website for selected keywords

* getting effective testimonials

* writing titles and articles

* building case studies

* choosing a memorable domain name

More visitors will actually read the copy on your website and then call you to do business or buy products directly from your site.

The process is short and sometimes intense…but much easier than if you were tackling it on your own. If you have a 4-5 page rough draft of your site, the process is shorter and costs less. The writing process starts with a conversation about your business, marketing, goals and planning the content. I then interview you (usually for an hour). When the draft is written, we review it together. The copy is then fine-tuned and maybe accepted as a final draft or tweaked some more.

A bit about me. I’ve been writing my whole life. I got my web copy training from Infoguru and Marketing Consultant Robert Middleton and reading a lot of copywriting and marketing books. I am patient and a good listener. I have a good ear for crafting the friendly and direct tone that is proven to work on the Web.

I take pride in being responsive to my customers, scrupulous about meeting deadlines, and I aim to be 100% professional in my customer relationships. I can work with you or your client to write a clear and compelling message about your business. This message becomes a bright beacon on your website you can refer people to again and again.

I’m also happy to work with you if you already have web designer.

Please call Karen or Tod at 510-527-9920 for a free rough estimate.

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