Telemarketers Annoying You?

iStock_000017220889XSmallby Karen Nierlich

Do you get weekly or daily calls and emails from SEO [search engine optimization] telemarketers telling you your traffic can be improved? Or that your site isn’t optimized? Or…?

Do these calls make you insecure about the quality of your website or the keyword work you may have done to date?

You are not alone.

Our business gets these calls too. Clients frequently forward me emails and ask if it means anything OR ask why they are getting these calls when their site is optimized.

So here’s what you need to know:

-All businesses are getting these calls and emails. The SEO marketers are not looking at your website or assessing it.

-80-90% of websites aren’t optimized (that’s my observation; not a fact). That’s why calling every business might work for these telemarketers or why they can safely assume your site isn’t optimized. Many graphic designers / web designers are not optimizing websites or are doing a very minimal job of it.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the least understood web services. I think it’s up there with mortgages and taxes. Most small businesses don’t understand it, so it’s easy to scam them. Again, that’s part of the motivation for calling / emailing all businesses.

-Search Engine Optimization is one of the bigger ticket items in the web services industry. Again, that’s part of the motivation for calling / emailing all businesses.

Everyone wants more traffic. Most businesses would love to get more leads from their website but don’t know how to go about it. So they might welcome a chance to talk to a telemarketer. Their confusion makes it harder for them to recognize a scam.

Hope it explains why you get so many SEO telemarketer calls.

In case you were wondering: DO NOT purchase SEO services from a telemarketer. Or if you are tempted, ask for 5 references and call them.

No one should be promising to get you to #1 on Google, because that doesn’t really exist anymore. We all get different results on Google so there are multiple sites that come up #1 not one.

Success is measured in traffic levels and leads coming in as emails and phone calls. If you want to measure or see your website traffic, set up Google Analytics and look at the reports. If you want to measure emails and phone calls, talk to your internet marketing consultant about monitoring the phone calls and emails received.


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Karen Nierlich is an internet marketing consultant with Full Orbit Web and Marketing. I’m dedicated to optimizing websites, adding SEO pages and adding blogs to websites. My goal is to help businesses improve or expand their web presence and online leads within their budget.

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