Our Story

Recently, we decided to build our own e-commerce store, after building many for clients over the last decade.

The entire process was an approximately 3-year journey for us. Lots of learning, sustained effort, nerves, and fun! Now we are earning a 5-figure income though our shop and expect it to double or triple in 2023.

Here’s our online store that sells luxury cloaks for special events: www.ravenfoxcapes.com. Our store project draws on Tod’s love of sci-fi and fantasy with my interest in design and photography. (That’s a slight over-simplification of our interests and skills, but you get the idea.)

Our e-commerce expertise now combines our decade of experience building e-commerce stores for others, and our personal journey of building a successful product-based online store ourselves!

Raven Fox Capes and Cloaks

With this added experience, we’re knowledgeable about how to help you to make technical and marketing decisions for your online store.

We can also explain the mindset or challenges this type of long-term project entails.

Starting an online store is not trivial in any respect! The initial stages are product selection, manufacturing, and website building. There is also the marketing, which is far away the biggest part of the project. However, the reward for getting it right is personal wealth and financial freedom.

If you are interested in improving or rebuilding your Shopify or Woo-Commerce online store, please contact us.