My credentials as a socially-responsible business…

…in answer to my dear colleague Patrice Curtis, Market Research Specialist

I thought I should explain my own credentials as a socially-responsible business. One of my mastermind colleagues said to me the other day…“I didn’t know you were interested in this?” So here is my reply. I actually came across this term only recently and decided to adopt it for our marketing–how is that for the truth.

For years we’ve been attracting clients that have a passionate mission to change or even save the World! I’ve often said we have a track record with businesses with an arts, environmental and/or educational focus. I’d also say our clients share our values. This socially-responsible term pulls those qualities together for me. I think individuals who have an arts-, environmental- or educationally-driven business that is set up to make a difference in the world are our ideal clients are will identify with the term socially-conscious business.

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