Keywords and Page Rank are the Starting Point

If you try the daily website update experiment, you’ll want to start by checking how you are doing for your favorite keywords. We are optimizing our site for about 25 keyword phrases total…so I’ll look at 3 primary keyword phrases for this experiment.

Full Orbit Communication’s primary keywords:

web design Berkeley
web development Berkeley
WordPress Content Management System Berkeley

Identify 1-3 primary keyword phrases and look at your page rank. Make it local by including the name of your most important city in the end of the keyword phrase.

Last, look your page rank for this phrase(s) and mark it on the calendar. What page are you on and in what place? First page? Second page? Fourth or Fifth page?

Email me if you have a question about this keywords and page rank step. Full Orbit Web and Marketing Email Form.

Karen Nierlich
Karen Nierlich

Karen Nierlich is in a Principal in the website design company Full Orbit Web and Marketing in Albany next to Berkeley. She works with small business owners and some non-profits to create effective websites that are compelling, informative and perform well on search engines. She and her business partner feel they have succeeded when their clients thrive.

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