Why Convert your .HTML Website to a WordPress Website?

Last night I was updating a friend’s .html website with page titles and meta descriptions. It brought it home to me why WordPress websites are so great for SEO. I’m always telling clients that these WP websites are more SEO-friendly but what exactly is the difference.

There at least two differences that are obvious to me. One is that when you enter the keyword phrases for the page titles and meta descriptions, it’s easier to see them and you can see the keyword phrases for all the pages at once. This is an advantage to both you, the business owner, and the WordPress programmer.

This is what it the page titles (SEO titles) and meta descriptions (SEO descriptions) look like on WordPress Websites:

WordPress Websites

On an .html site it’s much harder to see the page titles and meta-descriptions. You can see them by viewing the page source, but they aren’t always in the same place and they are imbedded in the .html code. Also, you can’t see all the page titles on the site at once. To see the page titles throughout the site you or your web person need to look through the site  page by page.

This what it looks like on an .html site.

html websites

The other reason these WordPress websites are more SEO-friendly is it’s so easy to add pages. When you or your web person decide to add a page(s) because you want to target additional keyword phrases, you just hit the “Add Page” button. With WordPress you can do most of what’s involved yourself. There are some exceptions to this, like your site navigation might be custom programmed, but otherwise you can do it yourself.

With a .html site you’ll usually need a web person to code new pages for you which involves time and expense.

Internet Marketing ConsultantKaren Nierlich is an internet marketing consultant with Full Orbit Web and Marketing. Currently she’s optimizing a lot of websites, converting wordpress.com blogs into self-hosted blogs and building new websites in WordPress.

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