How much traffic is my website getting?



Our clients often ask about this…occasionally someone asks us to put a counter on their website. Counters, those little tools that display a # to count visits to your site, have been passe for about a decade now. At first, I’d gingerly explain this to people. I’ve gotten a lot more saavy about this. Now, I tell people I have something for you you’ll like even more than a counter. 


That something is Google Anayltics. Google Anayltics is free and not only does it tell you how much traffic you have but it tells you where that traffic is coming from or how people are finding you. 


You get Google Anayltics by signing up for a free Google account. If you have a gmail account then you already have a Google account. Then your web person (and if you don’t have a web person, you can call us, and see if you want us to be your web person) will connect your site to the free Google Anayltics account.. Connecting the site is a simple matter of pasting a small piece of (invisible to visitors) code in the top of each page.


It’s extremely user-friendly. It will tell you how many people are visiting your website and

  • How much time they spend on your site
  • How many and which pages they land on and visit
  • What specific links they clicked on – on any page
  • Whether they found you through Google or another search engine
  • Whether they typed in your site address like directly
  • Whether they came to your site from another site that links to yours
  • Whether they’ve visited your site before or are a “new” visitor to your site
  • And more…including any keywords they typed in to a search engine to find your site.


The significance of knowing how much traffic you get to your site is so you can measure your marketing success. If you are starting a new marketing campaign, you want to be able to see if traffic increases, where new visitors come from and if the increased traffic translates into more sales or more calls. As many say, if you can’t see it and measure it, you can’t assess your improvement or success.

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