Green/Social Businesses

We have an excellent track record with

  • Non-Profit Websitesnon-profits
  • thought leaders
  • socially-responsible & green businesses
  • arts, educational and environmentally-focused businesses

…and a long-standing commitment to making the world a better place!

Clients Include:

Alliance for Community Development: Promoting diversity among start-ups and small businesses

Berkeley Food and Housing Project: 25+ year old Berkeley organization working to end hunger and homelessness in Berkeley, CA

Coral Reef Alliance: international group working to protect the world’s endangered coral reefs

Solano Avenue Association: Community organization for Berkeley-Albany Merchants

Community Commitment

Both partners Karen Nierlich and Tod Abbott volunteer in their community each week with civic groups. Tod is a member of the Albany Parks and Recreation Committee and Albany Education Fund. He serves on the Board of the Albany Chamber of Commerce and the Solano Avenue Association. Karen and Tod both walk with the Blue Glove Crew 3x’s a week picking up trash in the Solano Avenue and San Pablo Avenue Commerical Districts. They’ve also have chosen to live and work in a walkable community (Albany, CA) where they walk or bike to the services they need. 

Please call Karen or Tod if you wish to discuss a web project for your business or organization at 510-527-9920.

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