Bad News on Getting to the Top of Google

Goggle LogoThe bad news is there is no formula for getting to the top of Google, rather it is a moving target. It’s also an art and a science.

That doesn’t mean it can’t be done or you shouldn’t try. You just don’t want any internet marketing company to sell you on a promise they can get you to the top of Google. Maybe they can, but they can’t promise it because it’s not that kind of thing.

What are the factors that make it an art and a science and not just a formula:

1. Google keeps the algorithm of what to do to be on the first page…a secret…to keep people from gaming the system. It also changes the algorithm constantly for the same reason.

Quote from Head of Google Search Engine Division recently:

“In 2010, we launched over 500 changes to our search algorithm.”

by Amit Singhal, head of Google Search Engine.

2. The ease or challenges you’ll experience will depend on the business you are in and your competition. For example, attorneys–many attorneys–have a website and the majority optimize it a bit or a lot for for search engines…so it’s a bit harder there.

On the other hand, many trade businesses have few or no competitors or their competitors don’t have websites. For example, a few years ago I built a website for a framing contractor. As soon as his site was indexed by Google (about 4-6 weeks after launch) he was first in local results and stayed there with no further effort. He was amazed.

I did a good job optimizing his site for keywords and his site has lots of content, both of which help his search engine results. However, a big factor in getting him to the top is that he has little competition for the term “framing contractor.” He business and his website are both in a niche.

More on the good news about Google results soon. Thanks for reading.

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