First Page of Google, Part II, Website Analysis

Last week I explained that before you set out to make changes to your site and improve its ranking on search engines like Google…you want to assess your starting point.

I know you get this…if you want to see results you need to know what to measure and how to measure it! Or in the parlance of the web marketing industry, its time for some website analysis.

Pull out your rulers…

To assess your site currently:

1. Look at your traffic on the dashboard of Google Analytics. If you don’t have Google Analytics on your site or similar traffic measuring tool, get it this week! Although you can log into Google Analytics anytime and check it, I would write down what your average site traffic is now and what its been in the last few months or year.

2. Run your site and your competitors through The feedback you get from is more of a technical reading. It’ll tell you how Google-friendly your site is. If you’ve done the things measures, like optimizing your site and renewing your domain name, then your site is much more likely to do well on Google.

Also, website grader is going to tell you how your competition’s website is doing…do they have many pages, inbound links or a blog. You can see your competitions rating at the table on the bottom of the report.

So tune in next week for more information about how to:

-pick the search terms you want to place for


Karen Nierlich
Karen Nierlich

Karen Nierlich is a principal at Full Orbit Web and Marketing, a website design and web development company based in Albany, CA. When not working with clients she has been known to garden, wander around with her kids and even read a Jane Austen novel.

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