Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short!, Improving Your Google Page Rank, 2 of 10

Top Page of Google
Top Page of Google

It used to be that search engine optimization was THE WAY to drive traffic to your website. However, as the web has grown and become a super busy place, it’s now the key foundational step to getting to the top page of Google. It’s the first step in a longer process of drawing traffic to your site.

(By the way, people also call search engine optimization (SEO), organic optimization or on-the-page or on-the-site optimization.)

Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the first step in getting to the top page of Google?

It’s the logical first step as without the keyword phrases people aren’t likely to find your site at all. You heard that right! Sites without basic optimization can have difficulty showing up for even their business name and the name of their principal.

The other reason it’s a logical first step is that its so easy to control…you and your web person are the ones picking the keyword phrases, assigning them to the text and placing them on the site.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO is the process of selecting keywords and placing them on your site. The process is collaborative when I do it with my clients…though in other shops I believe they just do it for the client.

The basic steps are:

-brainstorming keywords for the site with the client
-keyword research by the SEO Expert
-final selection of keywords in consultation with the client
-assigning keyword phrases to pages and working them into the text
-loading keyword phrases and keyword-rich text on to the website

As a business owner, some of the key things you need to know about SEO are:

1. If your website has been optimized, you’ll see the keywords in the browser bar. This is what it looks like on a Mac. On a PC, the words will show up to the left on the browser bar.

90% of the websites I look at aren’t optimized, leaving them to wither on the great Internet Super Highway. That’s because those sites are built by graphic designers, web designers or business owners who don’t know SEO.

Keywords in Page Title
Keywords in Page Title On Your Browser Bar

2. Also be aware that when people say keywords…it’s short for keyword phrases. Individual keywords are too heavily used to be effective so SEO professionals are using keyword phrases with 3-4 words to optimize websites.

3. If you see lots of keywords in the page title (from one side to the other side of the browser bar), that’s also the sign of an inexperienced SEO person. The page titles should be focused and economical, not stuffed. Stuffing it cancels the effectiveness of the terms.

I recommend you to go to an experienced SEO or Web professional to do the SEO work on your website. It takes hours and hours to learn to do it well and ongoing education. I equate it to doing taxes or picking a good mortgage. It truly is best to find someone with the aptitude for SEO, experience and know how to provide this service to your business, rather than teaching yourself on the side.

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