Easy SEO Marketing Boost with A Keyword Rich Domain Name: Top of Google: 6 of 8

An easy SEO marketing boost for your website is to buy a domain name for your website with your keyword phrase in it.

Take my business name as an example, Full Orbit Web and Marketing…my main web domain isĀ  www.fullorbitweb.com and www.AlmostEverythingWeb.com. Those domains help me get found for my business name.

But my business and other businesses will also benefit from owning one more keyword rich domain names. For Example:

Albany Web Design.com
Albany Web Development.com
Berkeley Web Design.com
Berkeley SEO Marketing.com

If your main keywords are already reserved…than add a word or two at the beginning or the end…words like my, your, team, original…more examples:

my Albany SEO Marketing.com or Albany SEO Marketing Team.com

It’s OK for these domains to be long as you aren’t using them on your marketing materials, but adding them to your website. For non-techies, you aren’t adding building separate sites for these terms. Instead, you are asking your web person to add them to your side using a 301 redirect. That way if they come up in a google search they go to your homepage.

Also, stick to .com addresses. .net & .info aren’t of much value as everyone defaults to .com



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