Blogging: What You Can Learn from Dan Kennedy about Getting Things Done

In Dan Kennedy’s book No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs one of the main secrets he shares about getting things done is to put those tasks on your calendar. It’s pretty common to map out a day or a week; however, he suggests when you choose your goals and strategies, take it a step further … Read more

Never Eat Alone, Networking for Success

Keith Ferrazzi in “Never Eat Alone” describes the intense mode of networking he learned as a teenager and employed to become CMO of several high profile companies. Ferrazzi’s premise is that in the world of highly-successful people, people help each other all the time—providing contacts, jobs, mentoring and helping each others’ kids as well. Craig’s … Read more

Have You Moved On From The Secret?

In 2008, the buzz about The Secret grew and grew. I finally saw the movie about two weeks before it was featured on Oprah, when the publicity really hit a crescendo. The movie was mentioned on TV shows, in the newspaper and seemingly everywhere. Honestly, I felt like I was witnessing a short-lived fad, something … Read more