Call to Action: How to Write an Effective Call to Action – Part 2

1.    Give them the Problem and the Solution

Make it explicit and abundantly clear what problems you solve. Here I’m not talking about the button per se but the text on the page. As first step, awaken the the prospects awareness that the problem they have and the problems you solve are the same. (If not, its fine for them to go elsewhere.)

solution on Skype

2.     Offer an incentive to sign up

People are reluctant to give away their email addresses. however they love free stuff and will sign for things they need or want. Make them an irresistible offer. It can be a special report, ebook, CD, video mini-course or a T-Shirt. Honestly, “Sign up for our newsletter” will have little to no response.

Dream Business Coaching
Offer an Incentive like a Video Mini-Course

3.     Focus your calls to action. 1-2 -3 is not too many but make clear distinctions between them. An example would be “learn more,“ “sign up for a free trial,“ or “buy now.“ More than 3 is too many choices in my book.

How many calls to action are too many?
How many calls to action are too many?

In this site for the iPad there are 3 calls to action that have lots of white space around them. Those are the 3 that stand out. Each one lets you find out more. There are two more calls to action on the page, but I wasn’t going to count them as they are tucked above with the other text and don’t stand out. Feel free to express another opinion.

4.     Action Words and Deadlines. Use an active voice to make your offer and use a deadline if possible. A deadline or a discount to those who sign up before a certain date. I love the discount one. For events and classes early sign ups help in planning, so charge regular price for early birds and raise the price closer to the deadline.

Here are some action words: Receive, Buy, Learn, Sign up, Enroll etc.

Use a Deadline in Your Call to Action
Use a Deadline in Your Call to Action

Next week: How to make your call to action eye catching – Part 3

Karen Nierlich
Karen Nierlich

Karen Nierlich is a principal with the internet marketing firm Full Orbit Web and Marketing. Her goal as a consultant is to help small and medium size businesses grow using the power of the internet. The company offers web marketing and web design packages that make it easy for businesses to budget their next website. Talk to us how we can help you grow 10%, 50%, even 100% in 2010-2011.

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