Bloggers: Do You Write the Post Titles FIRST or LAST?

First and Last Chance Salon
First and Last Chance Salon

You aren’t alone and you aren’t wrong or right if you write the title last. I used to always write the title last and I know many others do as well. Some of you might even find it overly challenging to write the title first because your articles keep changing as you write.

However, I’m recommending for search engine optimization and the sake of your blog traffic that you write the blog post title first and focus 50% of your energy on the title.


By writing the title first you are more likely to give it the attention it deserves, rather than throwing up any old title at the end when you are ready to upload the post and get on to something else.  It’s basically putting the most crucial step first.

Writing the Title First Might Help You:

1. Ensure you use a relevant keyword phrase in the title. Figure out your subject matter, do a quick check with the Google Adword Keyword Tool (link to previous post), and come up with a relevant keyword phrase. It’s easier to work that keyword phrase into the structure of your article if you know it from the start. Putting a keyword phrase in each title is going help you grow your blog traffic more quickly and easily.

2. Consider or try to “front load” that keyword phrases. By that they mean, put the keyword phrase in the start of the title.

3. Focus on an irresistible title to attract more readers which attracts more subscribers.

Bloggers, First or Last? What works for you?


Karen Nierlich
Karen Nierlich

Karen Nierlich is an Internet Marketing Consultant with Full Orbit Web and Marketing. The 12 year old web services firm helps small and medium size businesses grow their businesses 10, 50 even 100 percent using the power of the Internet.

Karen lives in Albany, CA with her husband and 2 children. Her interests include reading, fine art and volunteering with the Girls Scouts and Rotary.

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