Advanced Marketing for General Contractors

I’ve written about marketing essentials for high end residential contractors here and here: Marketing Essentials and houzz: are you resisting? why?. Don’t overlook the basics. I’m also assuming you have items like yard signs and truck signs etc. Words the wise. When starting new marketing add only one strategy at a time. Any of these strategies will … Read more

houzz: are you resisting? why?

Why Set Up a Page on houzz? I don’t like telling people what they already know, and I think many high end general contractors are on houzz. However, if you think you don’t need houzz OR you put almost no energy into setting up your page, THIS article is for you. I frequently talk to high end general contractors … Read more

Social Media is “Bulls**t” for Generals, Except for These 2 Exceptions

Aren’t doing social media, but feel you “should” be? You aren’t alone. Do you believe you “should” be using Facebook?  If so, you aren’t alone. Many generals feel they should be marketing via social media and Facebook. However, that is very general marketing advice. General contracting isn’t every business but a rather unique kind of business that has … Read more

Contractors (Almost) Universally Overlook this Marketing Essential

This post is for myself. I’ve failed multiple times at getting general contractors to listen to me on this. Every time I first meet with a contractor I find this one essential marketing task has not been done. Often it’s still not done at the end of the project! I’d do it for you or them, but I can’t. … Read more

Mobilegeddon: Was it all hype? What do we do now?

Several clients contacted me to ask about alarming Mobilegeddon emails from other web companies. The emails I saw from 3 separate companies claimed any website that wasn’t optimized for mobile by April 21 would see their traffic disappear and their business drop. My clients were asking how to respond to such dire predictions. Google did … Read more

5 Important Marketing Strategies for Home Builders

Thanks to my work building websites for high end home builders, I often get to talk to generals about marketing: what works for them and what confuses them. As any contractor can tell you, the industry operates on word-of mouth-referrals. After all, building a house is one of the biggest financial decisions people make. Wouldn’t you … Read more

4 Features of High Impact Websites for General Contractors

Thanks to our association with Contractor’s Coach Paul Sanneman, we’ve had the opportunity to complete multiple websites for general contractors in San Francisco and around the US. These websites are geared to contractors who are building relationships with architects and attracting projects from Houzz. Houzz sets a high bar for photography; Homeowners and architects now expect gorgeous home photos that are expertly … Read more

How to Protect Your Website from Cybercrime

I don’t want to be sensational about cybercrime and the vulnerabilities of WordPress websites. I’m one of those people who doesn’t like to be sold to and I don’t like sensational headlines. However, it is true that hackers are after your website. Cybercriminals are after all websites…enterprise or small business. These hackers are the same people who are filling … Read more

Two Powerful Little Words

I’ve been reading books about negotiating recently, which really  boils down to two powerful little words, Yes and No. Here are three inspirational quotes I gleaned from William Ury, Author of the The Power of a Positive No.  A ‘no’ uttered from deepest conviction is better and greater than a ‘Yes’ merely uttered to please, or what … Read more