Protect Your Brains From Zombie Websites!

We recently had the pleasure of migrating many of our hosting clients off the server account we’d been using for many years. While migrating the sites, we ran across some sites that have hardly been touched since they were first posted. One was nearly 15 years old! I admire a business that can be successful … Read more

How to Stop Resisting Marketing

I’ve noticed many residential contractors resist marketing. Rather than just telling you NOT to resist marketing, I’ve been working on identifying the cause and the solution. Of course, contractors aren’t alone in disliking or resisting marketing but there are some factors that are unique to the profession. Why Contractors Resist Marketing One factor is that many … Read more

One Strategy You can Use to Create a Multi-Million Dollar Residential Contracting Firm

My colleague Paul Sanneman gave me permission to share his strategy for taking 1-3 M dollar contracting firms and helping them achieve multi-million dollar status. As he likes to say, “The info is free; the bad news is it takes time.” Honestly, I’ve found that all marketing takes significant amounts of time. I’ve had to coax … Read more

Do you Hate the Term “Work / Life Balance”?

I certainly do. I dislike jargon and renaming things that we’ve been talking about for years by other names as if we just discovered them. I’ve found several others had written an article with a similar title. Their complaint is typically it makes it sound like work and life are on balance sheet in which each occupies 50/50 of one’s … Read more

How to Avoid Gaps between Building Projects

Recently I wrote about photos and the importance of hiring a pro to get stunning photos of your residential remodeling projects. Testimonials are the same deal! When you have these 2 things, you’ll have less down time and less gaps in work. You need good testimonials to help you close referrals and new people. Here’s an observation. … Read more

How Do Time-Crunched Contractors Find Marketing Time

If anyone gets to say they’re “too busy” its a general contractor. The daily, weekly, nightly and weekend tasks are endless! I don’t need to tell you that. I’m pretty certain there are ONLY two ways you can ensure your marketing gets done. — One — Carve Out the Time in your Schedule When successful business people make a … Read more

True or False: Contractor Kills it Cold Calling Prospects

What do you think? Would that ever happen? Hope I got your attention with the absurdity of that headline! At our home, we do get cold calls from contractors, but I would never recommend this strategy. Alternatively, there are 2 marketing approaches that work great for contractors. First are Keep in Touch strategies I’ll call … Read more

How to Attract Bigger Residential Projects

Is your general contracting business in growth mode? Is your goal to move from smaller projects to 1M projects?  Or from 1M to 3M plus projects? When you are in this stage, one key investment is professional photos. Obviously having outstanding photos will make your sales process easier and help you attract your next projects and bigger projects. Sometimes contractors … Read more