Add a Blog, Improving Your Google Page Rank, 4 of 8

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Wordpress is the first and most popular blogging platform.

Add a blog to your website to generate traffic to your site. Through my association with Hubspot, I’ve learned that blogs are the one tool that consistently helps businesses and organizations grow traffic to their website.

The magic of blogging is that when one adds a blog post to the website you are adding multiple things Google and other search engines like to the website. This is what Google likes about the blog:

1. the website has been updated

2. new content and a page are added

3. new targeted keywords have been added

From a practical standpoint, adding a blog to your site is fairly easy. The blogging software is free, but you’ll probably want your web person to customize the banner to match the site and add some features like Akismet (spam filter plugin,) SEO-in-a-Box plugin to optimize the page and an RSS feed and a email sign up box.

The writing of the blog is another matter. To get results from you blog you’ll want to blog a minimum of once a week. Twice is great and daily is not unreasonable, depending on your online marketing goals.

The trick to writing the blog is discipline and organization. I’ve actually written about this a lot in my blog. Without an organized, structured time set aside for blogging, I don’t believe your blog has a good chance of getting written.

It won’t work if you plan to just write it when you get around to it. That’s the sticking point. Many people don’t organize themselves or their staff around the blog and thus the blog doesn’t get written which does nothing for the website.

If you want to hear me explain how to use your calendar to get your blog written–in a more positive way, check out a previous post on Blogging and Time Management.


Karen Nierlich is a lover of blogs and an internet marketing consultant at Full Orbit Web and Marketing in Albany, CA. If you business needs a marketing plan, social media plan or social media or blog implementation contact her for a consultation at 510-527-9920.



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