5 QR Code Basics: What is a QR Code & more

What is a QR Code?1. What is a QR code?

QR codes stand for Quick Response. It’s a bar code made up of squares inside squares. Businesses can use the QR code to send a smart phone user to the online destination of their choice.

2. Where NOT to PUT Your QR Codes

Humorously some business in their enthusiasm and innocent ignorance are putting QR codes in places where they can’t be used or are highly inconvenient:

  • Homepage of the webpage (use a link instead)
  • Bill Boards and movie ads where the QR code is too far away to be scanned
  • Underground locations like ads on subways or trains where a smart phone can’t be used

3. Here a few suggestions about how to use your QR code.

  • On a product, business card or flier
  • Magazine or newspaper ad
  • Outdoors on a poster at human height
  • On a van or a car that is branded

4. What does the QR code connect to?

Make sure you are providing smart phone friendly content. You can use it to call up a landing page on your website. Perhaps a page that speaks to what was in the ad they are reading. Or to your Facebook page where they can LIKE your company and keep in touch with you.

Good stuff to include: coupons, a video or other in-depth info for consumers.

5.            How to Use the QR code.

QR codes are for smart phone users. Newer Androids and Blackberry’s have the app installed. Other smart phone users can download the app from the appropriate app store for free.

Once you have the app, hold your phone’s camera up to the QR code and center the image of the QR code. The webpage, video or FB page should come up automatically.

You can generate your own QR code for free from a number of websites. You simply input the info you want to link to …url, text message or even a phone number.

Internet Marketing ConsultantWhile Karen Nierlich won’t recommend adding a QR code to your website, she can help your business use a QR code to drive traffic to your Facebook page or to your website. Karen Nierlich is an internet marketing consultant with Full Orbit Web and Marketing in Albany, CA near Berkeley, Oakland & Richmond.


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