3 Keys to How to Get Leads and Prospects from Your Website

Are you confused and overwhelmed by all the considerations related to generating leads from your website?

I understand. There is a lot that goes into creating an effective website. While I can’t take the work out of it, I can point out what is important so that you feel focused, in control and successful as you move through the process of creating an effective website.

Here’s a table that shows what you need and how they relate to each other.

1. At the TOP is

Your Blog OR Newsletter Sign up or BOTH

These items go on the homepage and all pages of your site;
Visitors sign up and you get to keep in touch with them

Effective Website


(items below required)

on-the-page optimization of website

well-written, persuasive copy

regular updates of site content;

ie. adding words

clear calls to action

(items below are options to create traffic)

clean, professional design

blog; use of keywords in blog posts

on-the-page search engine optimization
(organic search engine optimization)

Twitter, Facebook, other Social Media

like online press releases


2. You’ll want to start with the website and include the blog or newsletter sign up on the homepage and all the inside pages. My next post will explain the significance of the newsletter sign up box.

3.  You may have gathered from the information above, but the take home lesson is that generating leads and prospects from your website is a journey–a process–NOT a one time event.

It’s the same as other marketing activities. Nothing works if you only do it once.

You wouldn’t network for 2 months and then say you have all the contacts you’ll ever need and stop networking. You probably know that sending a single mailing doesn’t work. But sending a well-tailored mailing to a great list several times in a year followed by a phone call, can work very well.

Same with the website:

  • keep adding text to your site
  • keep adding keywords to those new pages or blog entries
  • consider a blog…great way to add a content easily
  • consider other social media like a Facebook page
  • consider pay-per-click as a short term or long term solution for traffic

Cheerio! More from me tomorrow on the why and what of the sign up box.

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