Local Search Results: Take Note of the NEW Google Places

Recently Google Local was renamed Google Places and some features were changed or added. While the name change is not getting a lot of raves, the functionality is catching the attention of internet marketers. If you own a small local business, claiming your free Google Places account for your location is an excellent idea. Then … Read more

Will Blogs replace Email Newsletters? Are Email Newsletters Dead?

Perhaps due to the popularity of  blogs right now, many marketers are saying the email newsletter is dead. A common refrain is, “We’ve got to get onto Twitter and start a Facebook page.“ But just a minute now. While email newsletters aren’t grabbing headlines, they haven’t gone away. If you look at what online marketers … Read more

Starting a Blog: Focus on These 3 Key Strategies To Increase Blog Traffic

As an internet marketer I get to train my clients on starting a blog and observe them as they work on their new blog. It’s a delight to show others how to share their knowledge with others and attract new business. I’ve learned that while the #1 key on this blogging list is obvious, while … Read more