Why the Glimmers of Economic Recovery Mean Its Time to Check Your Business Marketing Plan

No one can predict the future. The following is my opinion. My advice might even be a tad suspect as I’m a marketing person recommending that you renew your business marketing plan. But I’ve been through two recessions now, and I’ve seen how people handle their marketing during a down market and many of them … Read more

Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool to Increase Blog Traffic

If you are planning to write a blog or writing a blog now, there is one technique you need to know that will greatly increase blog traffic. Fortunately, the tool is free and easy to use. It will only add a few minutes to your blogging routine. Here’s how it goes: 1.     Pick your … Read more

New Bloggers: Learn How to Write a Blog in 7 Simple Steps

There are a few steps you can take in writing your blog posts that will make them more enticing to read and generate more blog traffic. I’ll provide details on each of these steps in future posts. 1.     Use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to pick a keyword phrase for your article. Google “Google … Read more

“Must” You Commit Your Business to Social Media?: A Click and Clack Kind of Question

On “Click and Clack’s Car Talk” show on NPR people often call in for car advice for sure. But what is remarkable is that they often call in for dating, relationship and parenting advice as well! Maybe its because cars and people are both integral to our lives. Humm. That gives me an idea…I could … Read more