The Big Three Your Business Website Needs

It continues to be the case that business people sometimes obsess over the look of their website. It is correct that your business identity or branding plays a role in your marketing, however to have website that brings you leads there are two other aspects you mustn’t neglect or your site is bound to fail. … Read more

WordPress Websites, or Blog Websites, Don’t Have to Look Like Blogs

I was walking with a friend yesterday and discussing the look of blogs. I was explaining that we are building lots of Word Press blogs for our small business clients these days because active blogs are excellent for building traffic and the blog has built-in, easy-to-use editing tools for updating the website. However, these sites … Read more

The Answer by John Assaraf / Expanding on The Secret

Nothing makes me feel more conflicted or secretive than books and movies like The Answer and The Secret. However, you don’t want to hear about my conflicting desire to be existential vs. my desire to do what it takes to be successful. We can have that conversation over a drink or on a hike sometime … Read more

This is the Scoop on Business Blogging — Check Out these Numbers

Businesses that blog have 55% more website visitors than companies that don’t blog. Companies that blog consistently and frequently have 6.9 times more search traffic than businesses that don’t blog. I’ve included links above, if you want to see the numbers and the graphs from is an internet marketing training and software company … Read more

Blogging: What You Can Learn from Dan Kennedy about Getting Things Done

In Dan Kennedy’s book No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs one of the main secrets he shares about getting things done is to put those tasks on your calendar. It’s pretty common to map out a day or a week; however, he suggests when you choose your goals and strategies, take it a step further … Read more