My credentials as a socially-responsible business…

…in answer to my dear colleague Patrice Curtis, Market Research Specialist I thought I should explain my own credentials as a socially-responsible business. One of my mastermind colleagues said to me the other day…“I didn’t know you were interested in this?” So here is my reply. I actually came across this term only recently and … Read more

Triple Bottom Line for Social Enterprises

“Triple Bottom Line” describes businesses that focus on their environmental or social contribution as well as the profits from the business.  I like the term because is suggests you as the business owner are measuring your social/environmental contribution with the same dedication as you are your profitability. That sounds like a double, what makes it … Read more

Is yours a socially-responsible business?

Is your business a socially-responsible business? Perhaps your business plan includes minimizing your carbon footprint.  Perhaps your business goals flow from a commitment to have a positive impact in one or more ways on the environment and/or the local or global inhabitants.   Over the years our business, Full Orbit Web and Marketing has attracted … Read more